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MA, Media Sciences, University of Lapland

BA, Actor, Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts 

Half Finn, half American, I am an easily excited and ambitious creative spirit who enjoys nothing more than indulging in captivating storytelling through the use of body, voice, image and sound. I constantly thrive to develop and challenge my artistic identity and deepen my sense of dramaturgy.

I'm a trained professional actor and I have an MA degree from media studies. I offer my talent as a freelancer for acting, voice over, film and video productions, and photography. I also have further background in radio, sound design, music, illustrations, and journalism. All in all I have experience spanning 15 years in the creative field including leadership positions. When needed I am true jack-of-all-trades.

At the moment I operate in Northern Europe, living in Helsinki, Finland, and performing with the Denmark-based international theatre company Det Flyvende Teater. I am always ready to pack my bags if the gig's just legendary.

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